Stenocarpus sinuatus—Firewheel Tree, Fire Tree—PROTEACEAE.

Stenocarpus sinuatus

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Habitat—Grows in warmer types of rainforest in coastal areas.

Distribution— North from the Nambucca River in New South Wales into Queensland.

Description— Medium—sized tree to 35 m high; bark grey to brown, ± wrinkled sometimes corky.

Local occurrences

Black Head Flora Park, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Forster/Tuncurry Streets, Great Lakes College-Forster Campus, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Tuncurry Flora Park and Wingham Brush.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, margins distinctly lobed, venation pinnate. Usually either oblong—lanceolate and entire or wider and irregularly lobed, usually 15 to 25 cm long and 20 to 50 mm wide, sometimes smaller on exposed branches, leathery, apex mostly obtuse, upper surfaces green and shiny, lower surface dull, only 1 longitudinal vein present; petiole 10 to 25 mm long.

Stenocarpus sinuatus
Stenocarpus sinuatus

Inflorescence.—Conflorescences mostly terminal, sometimes ramiflorous; flowers 12 to 20 in umbels, with pedicels radiating in a single row round the disc—like end of the peduncle. Perianth c. 25 mm long, red.

Flowering.—Autumn to Winter.

Fruit.—Follicle 5 to 10 cm long; seeds 25 mm long.


Stenocarpus sinuatus