Flindersia collina—Broad-leaved Leopard Tree, Leopard Ash—RUTACEAE

Flindersia collina

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Habitat—Grows in dry rainforest.

Distribution— North from Toonumbar, upper Richmond River in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description— Tree to 40 m high, outer bark shed in oval flakes leaving shallow depressions; branchlets, leaves and inflorescences glabrous to scaly and stellate–hairy.

Local occurrences

Great Lakes College-Forster Campus, Raintrees Diamond Beach and The North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour

Leaves.— Compound, ± opposite, imparipinnate; rachis and petiole winged, especially in young and coppice growth; leaflets 3 to 7, ± sessile, obovate to broad-obovate or elliptic, 2 to 9 cm long, 1 to 4.7 cm wide, apex rounded to emarginate, base attenuate to obtuse, upper surface glossy green, lower surface paler and dull, oil dots faint; leaflets ± sessile.

Flindersia collina
Flindersia collina

Inflorescence.— Terminal, spreading, to 17 cm long. Sepals c. 1 mm long, hairy. Petals 4 to 5 mm long, white, ± hairy.


Fruit.—Capsule woody, 2.8 to 5 cm long, valves separating fully; seeds 1.5 to 2.5 cm long, winged at both ends.


Flindersia collina