Elaeocarpus eumundi —Eumundi Quandong, Smooth-leaved Quandong—ELAEOCARPACEAE

Elaeocarpus eumundi

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Habitat—Found in sub-tropical rainforest and riverine scrub.

Distribution—Endemic Australian species, occurring along the east coast from Lismore, northern New South Wales to Cape York, north Queensland.

Description—Medium tree growing to 30m. Old leaves turn yellowish instead of red as in other Elaeocarpus spp

Local occurrences

Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Great Lakes College-Forster Campus and Tallwoods.

Leaves.— Simple, 1—foliolate, alternate and toothed. Lamina obovate to oblanceolate, 6 to 20 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide, ± glabrous; margins irregularly toothed, often only in the upper half, or ± entire; domatia absent, secondary veins 6 to 9 pairs; petiole 10 to 50 mm long.

Elaeocarpus eumundi
Elaeocarpus eumundi Elaeocarpus eumundi
Elaeocarpus eumundi

Inflorescence—Racemes ramiflorous, mostly 5 to 8 cm long; pedicels 4 to 7 mm long. Petals 10 to 12 mm long, with 12 to 15 linear lobes, cream. Stamens 24 to 30, anther awned.

Flowering.—November to December

Fruit— Ovoid, c. 15 mm long, blue.

Ripe.—November to December

Elaeocarpus eumundi