Endiandra virens— White Apple—LAURACEAE

Endiandra virens

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Habitat—Grows in Subtropical Rainforest on poorer soils and at lower altitudes in warm–temperate rainforest, often along watercourses; from sea level to 1000 m alt.

Distribution— North from Comboyne in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description— Shrub or small tree, sometimes coppice shoots at base; young growth with fawn hairs, becoming glabrous.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach.

Leaves.—Simple, alternate, entire, oil dots minute, no domatia, not 3–veined, not glaucous, oblanceolate to narrow–elliptic, 6 to 13 cm long, 2 to 3 cm wide, apex acute or obtuse, both surfaces glabrous, upper surface moderately glossy and dark green, lower surface paler green; midrib raised and rounded on both surfaces, reticulum distinct on both surfaces but more prominent above; petiole 8 to 12 mm long.

Endiandra virens
Endiandra virens

Inflorescence.—Panicles shorter than leaves. Flowers c. 2 mm long, cream, glabrous.


Fruit.—Fruit globose or depressed-globose, 40–60 mm diam., yellow to orange-red. Small hard immature fruits often remain undeveloped on the branches.

Ripe.—May to July.

Endiandra virens