Endiandra pubens—Hairy Walnut—LAURACEAE

Endiandra pubens

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Habitat— In Subtropical Rainforest on alluvium, often in valleys along streams.

Distribution— North from the Bellinger River in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Small to medium–sized tree, often bushy; bark brown to light greyish, smooth or thinly scaly to corky; young growth with brown or fawn hairs.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, entire, oil dots minute, no domatia, not 3–veined, not glaucous, mostly elliptic, usually 6 to 14 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide (± obovate and to 10 cm wide on epicormic shoots), apex rounded or bluntly acuminate, upper surface glossy, lower surface rather dull and softly hairy with straight and crooked, erect hairs; secondary veins 4 to 7 pairs, reticulum areolate, relatively coarse with 2 levels of pattern obvious; petiole 5 to 15 mm long.

Endiandra pubens
Endiandra pubens

Inflorescence.—Panicles shorter than leaves. Flowers c. 2.5 mm long, rusty–hairy.

Flowering.—Winter to Spring

Fruit.—Fruit globose, 40 to 60 mm diam., green to deep red.

Ripe.—October to February.

Endiandra pubens