Typhonium eliosurum—Typhonium—ARACEAE

Typhonium eliosurum

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Habitat—Grows on rainforest margins and along creek banks

Distribution— Rare, chiefly north from Nowra to Wyong district in New South Wales. Also recorded at Cellito, Booti Booti National Park and Bulahdelah

Description—Perennial herb, deciduous

Local occurrences

Booti Hill and Cellito

Leaves.— Lamina hastate, deeply 3—lobed to ± triangular, to c. 22 cm long; lobes of lamina 1—12 cm wide, glabrous, shining to dull green; petiole to c. 30 cm long.

Typhonium eliosurum
Typhonium eliosurum

Inflorescence.—Spathe ovoid in lower green part; limb ovate to lanceolate, not opening wide, c. 12 cm long, greenish purple. Spadix as long as spathe, with scattered sterile flowers occupying the entire zone between the male and female zones. Appendix slender, not truncate at base, deep purple—black, smelling of faeces.

Flowering.—Late Spring to Summer.

Fruit..—C. 10 mm diam., reddish.

Ripe.—Autumn to early Winter.

Typhonium eliosurum