Hibbertia dentata—Trailing Guinea Flower—DILLENIACEAE.

Hibbertia dentata

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Habitat— Mainly in open forest or on margins of rainforest; widespread on the coast and coastal ranges.

Distribution—Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description—Twiner with wiry stems to c. 2 m long.

Local occurrences

Australis Resort, Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Bennett Head, Black Head, Black Head Flora Park, Booti Hill, Burgess Beach, Cape Hawke, Charlotte Head, Cliff Road, Darawank Nature Reserve and Wetland, Diamond Beach, Diamond Beach LRF, Elizabeth Beach, Karloo Street Reserve, Knappinghat Nature Reserve, Pebbly Beach, Red Head, Seven Mile Beach and Green Point, Stephen Street Reserve, Talawahl Nature Reserve, Tiona, Waitui Falls, Wallingat National Park and Zamia Place Reserve

Leaves.—Ovate, 40 to 70 mm long, 15 to 30 mm wide, apex acute to obtuse, base obtuse, margins toothed, pubescent when young, usually glabrescent with age; petiole c. 10 mm long.

Hibbertia dentata
Hibbertia dentata

Inflorescence—Axillary or terminal on short shoots, peduncles 6 to 15 mm long. Sepals 7 to 8 mm long, ± glabrous except for ciliate margins. Petals 20 to 30 mm long. Stamens less than 30, surrounding carpels. Carpels 3, glabrous.

Flowering.—Mainly Spring

Fruit—A follicle which splits to reveal orange—red seeds.