Deeringia amaranthoides —Shrubby Deeringia—AMARANTHACEAE

Deeringia amaranthoides

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Habitat—Margins of Rainforest.

Distribution—From the far south coast of New South Wales, north into Queensland.

Description—Climber to 4 m high, or sometimes a small shrub, often flowering when quite small.

Local occurrences

Booti Hill

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, pubescent, ovate to lanceolate; lamina 5 to 25 cm long, to 6 cm wide; petiole 1 to 2 cm long, very soft and herbaceous. Leaf base not extended into a horizontal ridge around stem, tapering into the petiole.

Deeringia amaranthoides
Deeringia amaranthoides Deeringia amaranthoides
Deeringia amaranthoides

Inflorescence— In interrupted spikes to 25 cm long in upper axils or in loose terminal panicles, bisexual. Bracts small and papery. Perianth segments ovate, scarcely 2 mm long, obtuse. Stamens 5, fused at the base. Ovary globose, glabrous; styles 3.

Flowering.—March to April.

Fruit—Berry subglobose, 4 to 5 mm diam., red, 3—furrowed.

Ripe.—May to June.

Deeringia amaranthoides