Cupaniopsis shirleyana—Wedge-leaved Tuckeroo—SAPINDACEAE

Cupaniopsis shirleyana

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Habitat— In Dry Rainforest

Distribution— North from the Carina area near Brisbane and Maryborough to Mt Larcom near Gladstone in Queensland.

Description— Shrub or small tree.

Local occurrences

The North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour

Leaves.— Compound, Margins Toothed, leaflets 9 to 18, rachis tip projecting beyond last leaflet, domatia present. Leaflets 6 to 14, usually ±opposite, no true terminal leaflet present, upper ones largest, basal pair small and curved, almost triangular and cuneate, i to 5.5 cm long, apex very broad and truncate or toothed, base cuneate, margins toothed in upper half, upper surface glossy and hairless or finely hairy, lower surface paler and hairy. Young shoots rusty–hairy.

Cupaniopsis shirleyana
Cupaniopsis shirleyana

Inflorescence.— Panicles, flowers whitish.

Flowering.—Spring to Summer

Fruit.—A capsule, shallowly, 3–lobed, commonly 1.5 cm long, hairy; seeds brown or black with an orange–brown aril.