Angophora costata —Sydney Red Gum, Rusty Gum, Smooth-barked Apple—MYRTACEAE

Angophora costata

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Habitat—Widely scattered and locally abundant, on deep sandy soils or sandy soils on sandstone.

Distribution—From Bodalla on the south coast, west into the Blue Mountains and north to Coffs Harbour in New South Wales.

Description—Tree to 30 m high; bark smooth, shedding in small scales, pink, grey or cream.

Local occurrences

Australis Resort, Bennett Head, Booti Hill, Cape Hawke, Cellito , Charlotte Head, Crowdy Bay National Park, Darawank Nature Reserve and Wetland, Dixon Property, Elizabeth Beach, Forster/Tuncurry Streets, Golden Ponds Reserve, Goldens Road Wetlands, Knappinghat Nature Reserve, Red Head, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Seven Mile Beach and Green Point, Tiona, Tuncurry Dunes and Heath, Tuncurry Flora Park and Wallingat National Park

Leaves.—Juvenile leaves ovate or elliptic, to 12.5 cm long, 6.5 cm wide.
Adult leaves lanceolate, 9 to 17 cm long, 2 to 3.5 cm wide, apex acute or acuminate, base acute, ± glabrous, discolorous, regularly penniveined; petiole 10 to 25 mm long.

Angophora costata
Angophora costata Angophora costata
Angophora costata

Inflorescence— Peduncles 7 to 18 mm long, glabrous or hispid; pedicels 4 to 10 mm long, glabrous or hispid. Buds ovoid or globose, 5 to 7 mm long, 5 to 6 mm diam. Petals 3 to 4 mm wide, 3 to 4 mm long. Hypanthium strongly ribbed.


Fruit—Fruit ovoid or campanulate, sometimes apically narrowed, 9 to 15 mm long, 12 to 15 mm diam.; disc depressed.


Angophora costata