Taurantha concinna—Trim Greenhood—ORCHIDACEAE.

Taurantha concinna

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Habitat—Grows in moist areas of sclerophyll forest, rainforest and coastal scrub.

Distribution— North from Tasmania, Victoria and to Mudgee in New South Wales.

Description—Terrestrial herb.

Local occurrences

Booti Hill

Leaves.—Rosette leaves 4 to 6, ovate to oblong, 1 to 3 cm long, 6 to 15 mm wide, margins entire or wavy; petiolate.

Inflorescence.—Scape to 25 cm high, very slender. Flower c. 2 cm long, erect, white and dark green with brown suffusions in the galea and sinus. Apex of galea slightly decurved. Lateral sepals tightly embracing the galea; sinus flat when viewed from the front, shallowly mounded when viewed from the side; free points filiform to clavate, c. 20 mm long, erect. Petals broad. Labellum oblong, 6 to 8 mm long, c. 2 mm wide, dark brown, apex deeply notched, apex just visible through the sinus in the set position.

Flowering.—May to September