Citrus australasica var. australasica—Finger Lime—RUTACEAE

Citrus australasica

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Habitat— Grows in dry and subtropical rainforest, especially common in regrowth

Distribution— North from Ballina in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description— Shrub or small tree to 6 m high; axillary spines solitary, straight, to 25 mm long.

Local occurrences

Great Lakes College-Tuncurry Campus and Raintrees Diamond Beach

Leaves.— Plants with axillary thorns, alternate, margins toothed or crenate, lamina obovate to elliptic or ± rhombic, 1 to 5 cm long, 3 to 25 mm wide, apex notched, base cuneate, margins often crenate towards apex, glabrous, oil glands numerous, aromatic when crushed; petiole 1 to 3 mm long.

Citrus australasica
Citrus australasica

Inflorescence.— On peduncles 1 to 3 mm long. Sepals 1.5 mm long. Petals 6 to 9 mm long, white. Stamens 20 to 25.


Fruit.— Berry cylindrical, mostly 4 to 8 cm long, 15 to 25 mm diam., often slightly curved, green to pinkish red, pulp green to pinkish red; seeds 5 to 6 mm long.


Citrus australasica