Blechnum spinulosum —Small Rasp Fern—BLECHNACEAE

Blechnum spinulosum

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Habitat—Various habitats, from creek banks in rainforest to open rocky sites.

Distribution—North from Tasmania into Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and North Queensland

Description— Rhizome short-creeping or tufted, covered with dark scales

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Cape Hawke, Knappinghat Nature Reserve, Waitui Falls and Wingham Brush.

Fronds.— Almost erect to decumbent, dimorphic, narrow—lanceolate, 15 to 30 cm high; stipe short, pale but dark towards base; lamina dark green, almost membranous to ± leathery, 1—pinnatifid to 1—pinnate with more than 1 pair of pinnae free, sessile to shortly stalked.

Blechnum spinulosum
Blechnum spinulosum

Sori.—In 1 row on each side of midrib and close to it, variable, ± circular to elongate, 1.5 to 2 mm long, becoming confluent with age.