Castanospora alphandii —Brown Tamarind—SAPINDACEAE

Castanospora alphandii

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Habitat—Grows in warmer rainforest.

Distribution—North from the Bellinger River in New South Wales and Queensland..

Description—Tree to 30 m high, young growth tomentose.

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach, Sea Acres National Park, Stephen Street Reserve Forster, and Tuncurry Flora Park.

Leaves.— Compound, rachis shortly extended beyond the last lateral leaflet, paripinnate, 12 to 30 cm long; leaflets 6 to 13, narrow—elliptic to narrow—oblong, 5 to 15 cm long, 2 to 4 cm wide, apex acute to acuminate, base ± acute, margins entire, upper surface glabrous, lower surface grey to whitish green, papillose and often finely pubescent; secondary veins numerous, reticulation fine and dense; pit domatia usually numerous; petiole mostly 5 to 10 cm long, petiolules 5 to 10 mm long.

Castanospora alphandii
Castanospora alphandii

Inflorescence—Panicles usually shorter than the leaves. c. 2 mm long, white.

Flowering.—January to March.

Fruit— Ovoid to depressed-globose, c. 30 mm diam., pinkish brown; seeds 2, dark brown.

Ripe.—May to June.

Castanospora alphandii