Cassytha filiformis—False Dodder, Love Vine—CASSYTHACEAE

Cassytha filiformis

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Habitat— Margins of Littoral and Dry Rainforest

Distribution— North from the Booti Booti National Park in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Semi–parasitic twiner.

Local occurrences

Booti Hill, Booti Booti National Park and Sea Acres National Park Port Macquarie

Leaves.— Scale like, alternate, less than 1 mm long. Stems wiry, 0.5 to 1.5 mm thick, smooth to finely wrinkled, hairy, bright yellow–green, orange to dark red, drying irregularly striate; mostly less than 1 mm thick, pubescent to glabrescent; haustoria 1 to 2 mm long, often forming tangled masses on margins of Rainforest.

Cassytha filiformis
Cassytha filiformis

Inflorescence.— Flowers bisexual, in stalked spikes, 2 to 16–flowered, peduncle usually single, 1 to 5 cm long, thinner than stems, densely hairy to hairless.

Flowering.— Winter to Spring

Fruit.— A drupe, surrounded by the expanded receptacle to form a succulent outer layer; false 'fruit' berry–like, globose to obovoid, 6 to 10 mm diam., green–grey to green–red, often banded dull green and deep red–brown, densely hairy or becoming hairless, hairs white or reddish.