Brachychiton bidwillii—Rusty Kurrajong—MALVACEAE

Brachychiton bidwillii

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Habitat—In and on the margins of Dry Rainforest and Vine Thickets.

Distribution— North from Mt Tamborine and Boonah and west to Springsure in Queensland.

Description— Deciduous shrub.

Local occurrences

The North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, margins lobed, 3–veined from base, lower surface of leaves hairy. Leaves ovate to broad–ovate, 5 to 25 cm long, shallowly to deeply 3 to 5–lobed, apex tapering to a point, base truncate to broadly cordate, margins ±entire, upper surface with sparse hairs, lower surface densely rusty–hairy; petiole 3.5 to 13 cm long. Young stems and leaves hairy. Bark brown or grey, smooth or finely fissured. New growth pink.

Brachychiton bidwillii
Brachychiton bidwillii

Inflorescence.—Flowers large, red, showy, softly hairy.

Flowering.—Spring to Summer

Fruit.—A follicle, boat–shaped, 8 to 12 cm long, softly and densely rusty–hairy; seeds usually 18 to 30.


Brachychiton bidwillii