Pandorea jasminoides—Bower Vine—BIGNONIACEAE.

Pandorea jasminoides

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Habitat—Grows in subtropical, littoral and dry rainforest.

Distribution—North from the Hastings River in New South Wales to North Queensland.

Description—Tall woody climber.

Local occurrences

Australis Resort, Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Black Head Flora Park, Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Cellito, Copeland, Darawank Nature Reserve and Wetland, Forster/Tuncurry Streets, Penenton Creek and Wetlands, Sea Acres National Park, Talawahl Nature Reserve, Tuncurry Flora Park, Wallamba Cove, Wallingat National Park and Wingham Brush.

Leaves.— Compound, mostly opposite, sometimes in whorls of 3, 12 to 17 cm long; leaflets 4 to 7, ovate to ± lanceolate, 4.5 to 6 cm long, 15 to 30 mm wide, apex acuminate, base cuneate to rounded with basal leaflets asymmetric, margins entire, surfaces glabrous; petiole 2 to 4 cm long; petiolules 2 to 4 mm long.

Pandorea jasminoides
Pandorea jasminoides

Inflorescence.— 6 to 12 cm long. Calyx 5 to 7 mm long. Corolla 4 to 6 cm long, white or pink with throat red, hairy inside, minutely hairy outside; tube ± straight, 10 to 20 mm diam.; lobes 2 to 3 cm long.

Flowering.—September to March.

Fruit.—Capsule oblong—ovoid, 4 to 6 cm long, 10 to 20 mm wide, beaked; winged seeds 10 to 15 mm diam.

Ripe.—Late spring to late autumn.

Pandorea jasminoides