Elaeocarpus grandis —Blue Quandong, Blue Fig, Silver Quandong—ELAEOCARPACEAE

Elaeocarpus grandis

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Habitat—Common in riverine and lowland subtropical rainforest on alluvium and along streams.

Distribution—North from the Nambucca River, New South Wales and Queensland.

Description— Large tree.

Local occurrences

Brown's Creek Bicentennial Gardens, Great Lakes College-Forster Campus, Penenton Creek and Wetlands and Tuncurry Flora Park.

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, toothed with obvious domatia; lamina usually oblong—elliptic, mostly 8 to 19 cm long, 1 to 4 cm wide, ± glabrous, margins regularly toothed; small domatia present, numerous; petiole 10 to 20 mm long.

Elaeocarpus grandis
Elaeocarpus grandis Elaeocarpus grandis
Elaeocarpus grandis

Inflorescence—Racemes often 1—sided, ramiflorous, 6 to 10 cm long; pedicels 10 to 15 mm long. Petals 15 mm long, each divided into 5 primary lobes and each lobe further divided into 2 or 3 linear lobes, greenish white. Stamens c. 70., anther awned.


Fruit—Globose, 20 to 30 mm diam., blue, stone deeply sculptured.


Elaeocarpus grandis