Blechnum medium —Common Rasp Fern—BLECHNACEAE

Blechnum medium

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Habitat—In rainforest and moist areas of Eucalypt forests

Distribution— Endemic to Queensland, north from Eungella National Park.

Description—A terrestrial fern, with a shortly–creeping rhizome, growing in large colonies.

Local occurrences

Australian Botanic Gardens Canberra, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and Raintrees Diamond Beach

Fronds.— To 45cm high, spreading. Roots are black and wiry with stolons and small, dark brown to black scales. Stipes are slender and persist on the tufts when old and broken. Laminae 20 to 55 cm long, 3 to 5.5 wide, divided once, elliptical–shaped and dimorphic. Mature laminae dark green, new growth bright pink. the change from stalked to lobed pinnaeis sudden, taking place over three pairs or less. Pinnae are thick and leathery with toothed margins.

Blechnum medium
Blechnum medium

Sori.—Elongated and discrete forming one or two rows each side of the midrib. An indusium covers each sorus and opens medially.