Berberidopsis beckleri—Redberry Vine—BERBERIDOPSIDACEAE

Berberidopsis beckleri

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Habitat—In cooler Rainforest, north from the Barrington Tops area.

Distribution— North from the Barrington Tops area in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Glabrous climber


Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra, Dorrigo National Park and Junuy Juluum National Park

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, palmately veined, ovate to broad–ovate, mostly 3 to 6 cm long, rarely to 9 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide, thin and soft, hairy domatia in axils of midvein and lowest pair of secondary veins; petiole c. 20 mm long.

Berberidopsis beckleri
Berberidopsis beckleri

Inflorescence.—Axillary, usually solitary, peduncle c. 20 mm long. Perianth segments 15 to 18, 2 to 8 mm long, outer segments deep pink gradually passing into inner white ones. Stamens 12 to 13, c. 3 mm long; anthers ± sessile. Style c. 2–3 mm long.

Flowering.—Generally Summer. Observed in Late Autumn to Winter

Fruit.—Berry ovoid, c. 20 mm long, red turning black, surrounded at base by persistent disc; seeds 100 to 120.

Ripe.—Generally Late Summer to Autumn. Observed in Winter.