Stenocarpus salignus— Scrub Beefwood—PROTEACEAE.

Stenocarpus salignus

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Habitat— Grows in most types of warmer rainforest on the coast and adjacent ranges, especially in warm—temperate rainforest above 750 m.

Distribution— North from Kioloa in New South Wales into Queensland.

Description— Shrub or tree to 30 m high; bark dark brown, ± fissured and finely scaly.

Local occurrences

Barrington/Gloucester Tops, Black Head, Black Head Flora Park, Booti Hill, Burgess Beach, Cape Hawke, Cliff Road, Elizabeth Beach, Red Head, Sea Acres National Park, Wallingat National Park and Zamia Place Reserve,

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, entire, small oil dots and three veined from the base; ovate to lanceolate, mostly 4 to 10 cm long, 10 to 45 mm wide, leathery, apex acute or obtuse, glabrous, paler below, 3 longitudinal veins present though veins often not prominent, numerous fine translucent dots present (lens needed).

Stenocarpus salignus
Stenocarpus salignus

Inflorescence.—Conflorescences usually terminal, of 1 or a few umbels, each of 10 to 20 flowers, the pedicels irregularly crowded. Perianth 10 to 20 mm long, yellowish

Flowering.—Spring to Summer.

Fruit.—Follicle 4 to 6 cm long; seeds c. 10 mm long.


Stenocarpus salignus