Ailanthus triphysa—White Bean, White Siris—SIMAROUBACEAE

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Habitat— In Dry, Littoral and Subtropical Rainforest, not common

Distribution— North from Iluka in New South wales and into Queensland.

Description—Tree to about 30 m high, evergreen

Local occurrences

Raintrees Diamond Beach and Iluka NSW

Leaves.— Compound, alternate,crowded at end of branches, imparipinnate, 15 to 45 cm long; leaflets numerous 15 to 61, mostly oblong–lanceolate to lanceolate, often falcate, 3 to 10 cm long, 10 to 20 mm wide, apex acuminate, base strongly asymmetric, margins entire, both surfaces glabrous or lower surface pubescent; petiole 4 to 8 cm long; petiolules 2 to 5 mm long.

Inflorescence.—Panicles 5 to 7 cm long. Calyx lobes < 1 mm long. Petals 2.5 to 5 mm long, creamish green, ± glabrous. Stamens 3 to 6 mm long in male flowers. Carpels 2 to 4; styles fused or free at base.


Fruit.—Samara mostly 4.5 to 6 cm long, 15 to 20 cm wide, brownish.