Adelopetalum exiguum—Tiny Strand Orchid—ORCHIDACEAE

Adelopetalum exiguum

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Habitat—Common on rocks and trees in Rainforest, often in deep shade; from sea level to commonly 1000 m altitude.

Distribution— North from Conjola and inland to the Armidale district in New South Wales and into Queensland.

Description—Epilith or epiphyte orchid with rhizomes prostrate, forming a diffuse to dense mat; pseudobulbs mostly 10 to 38 mm apart, ovoid to globose, 3 to 8 mm diam., furrowed but not warted.

Local occurrences

Alum Mountain Bulahdelah State Forest, Ellenborough Falls and Tapin Tops National Park

Leaves.— Oblong to elliptic to obovate or narrowly so, 0.6 to 5 cm long, 2.5–9 mm wide, thinly leathery, flat, keeled.

Adelopetalum exiguum
Adelopetalum exiguum

Inflorescence.— 2.0 to 8 cm long, 1 to 5–flowered. Ovary smooth. Sepals pale green to creamy white; dorsal sepal 4 to 6 mm long, narrow–triangular to narrow–ovate; lateral sepals similar to dorsal. Lateral petals about half as long as sepals, coloured as sepals. Labellum yellow.

Flowering.—April to May

Fruit.—A ribbed capsule, about 5 mm long and 3 mm wide.

Ripe.—May to June