Actephila lindleyi — Actephila —PHYLLANTHACEAE

Actephila lindleyi

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Habitat—Littoral, Subtropical, Dry and Riverine Rainforests.

Distribution— North from Nowra in New South Wales, to North Queensland

Description—Shrub or slender tree to 12m, glabrous, buds scaly. Trunk cylindrical, sometimes slightly buttressed: crooked. Bark dark, reddish black, smooth, often with finely wrinkled surface with vertical rows of fine leticels.

Local occurrences

Cape Hawke, Sea Acres National Park and Zamia Place Reserve

Leaves.— Simple, alternate, entire, without oil dots and terminal buds scaly. Oblong to oblanceolate or elliptic, usually 5—12 cm long, 2.5—4 cm wide, often undulate, glabrous; petiole 1—2 cm long; stipules small. Margins strongly undulata, apex drawn out into a blunt or fairly fine point, base tapered, hairless, glossy, lower surface paler and yellow—green. Midrib raised on both surfaces.

Actephila lindleyi
Actephila lindleyi

Inflorescence—Flowers in axillary clusters; male peduncles c. 1 mm long; female peduncles 5-10 mm long. Petals reduced or absent.

Flowering.—August to November

Actephila lindleyi Actephila lindleyi

Fruit—Dry Capsule depressed globose, c. 12 mm diam. Red— brown with 3 rounded lobes, each lobe splitting at maturity (Seeds are 'blown out' with a great force)


Actephila lindleyi