Aceratium ferrugineum—Rusty Carabeen—ELAEOCARPACEAE

Aceratium ferrugineum

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Habitat— Tropical Mountain Rainforest on granite.

Distribution— On the Mount Carbine Tableland, between Black Mountain and Mt Spurgeon and on Mount Lewis in Queensland.

Description— Medium–sized tree, larger trees fluted with adventitious roots.

Local occurrences

Australian National Botanic Gardens Canberra, Raintrees Diamond Beach, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and The North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Coffs Harbour

Leaves.— Simple, opposite, margins toothed, sometimes entire, hairy. The leaves when new have dense rusty hairs all over them which persist on the underside and the top midrib with a few irregular teeth; 7.5 cm to 16 cm long, 3.5 cm to 7.5 cm wide. Stipules small hairy and inconspicuous.

Aceratium ferrugineum
Aceratium ferrugineum

Inflorescence.— In racemes, flowers pink clothed in brown hairs, petals narrowly spathulate about 18 to 20 mm long, 5 to 7 mm wide, either 3–lobed (each lobe indented) or irregularly dentate.


Fruit.— Ellipsoid to ovoid, 30 to 45 mm long, 18 to 28 mm wide, pericap red. Testa cream to pink. Smells like a ripe watermelon.