Very Rare Bird Sightings


  • 4th September. There was a sighting of a single Haematopus fuliginosus x ophthalmicus a hybrid of The Northern and Southern Sooty Oystercatcher on the Tuncurry Breakwall
  • 21st November. A Pale-vented Bush-hen, Amaurornis moluccana was heard and subsequently photographed in December at Lower Pappinbarra in the Hastings District. In all two were seen.
  • 11th December. The arrival of some 13 to 18 Onychoprion aleuticus, the Aleutian Tern at Farquhar Inlet, Mudbishops Point Old Bar. They departed in late May 2018.


  • 2nd January. Two Gang-gang Cockatoos, Callocephalon fimbriatum were recorded on the track east of The Whoota Whoota Lookout in the Wallingat National Park. It would appear that this is the first record of the species in this National Park and in the surrounding general area.
  • 5 May. Thirty eight or more Swift Parrots, Lathamus discolor sighted in the the western end of the southern carpark of Coles on Major Innes Drive Lake Innes Port Macquarie. They were present mainly in the Forest Red Gums, Eucalyptus tereticornis which were not in flower. The birds appeared to be feeding on lerps. Two were sighted at 4.21 pm followed by flocks of 5, 7 and various other numbers.
  • 17 May. Thirty two Swift Parrots at front of Lot 22 Tallong Drive Lake Cathie in Forest Red Gum, Eucalyptus tereticornis which were also not in flower. The birds were seen feeding on lerps.
  • 29 May. One Red-backed Kingfisher, Todiramphus pyrrhopygius at 595 Belmore River North Bank Road, Gladstone. Seen by the author 25th June at the same address.
  • 15 June. Two Pacific Gulls, Larus pacificus sighted at Seven Mile Beach Booti Booti National Park. (GPS -32.263578, 152.533499). First sighting in this area.
  • 17 June. One female Musk Duck, Biziura lobata at Cattai Wetlands. First sighting at this location
  • 17 June. Two Australian Gull-billed Terns, Gelochelidon macrotarsa sighted at Seven Mile Beach Booti Booti National Park. (GPS -32.263578, 152.533499). First sighting in this area.
  • 7 June. One White-fronted Tern, Sterna striata fishing around the netted beach within Tuncurry Breakwall. The bird departed about 19th July.
  • 22 July. One Regent Honeyeater, Anthochaera phrygia seen feeding on Banksia integrifolia around the 4-wheel drive beach access carpark to Mudbishops Point. (GPS -31.962649, 152.597079).
  • 10 August. One Rose-ringed Parakeet, Psittacula krameri flew over 89 Macintosh Street Forster at about 11am. It came from the east heading west calling as it flew.
  • 18 November. One Southern Little Shrike-thrush, Colluricincla megarhyncha rufogaster seen in the Grassy Head Caravan Park.


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