Old Bar

mudbishops point old bar

The coastal town of Old Bar lies approximately 16 kilometers south east of the City of Greater Taree. Old Bar was first discovered by white settlers on the 24th October 1818 by the Surveyor John Oxley when he crossed and named Farquhar Inlet. The town of Old Bar gets its name from "The Old Bar" located at the southern entrance to the Manning River at Farquhar Inlet. The Manning River region was relatively densely populated by the original Aboriginal land owners due to the abundance of food.

The town has an airfield of national significance with links with Australia's aviation pioneers, namely Sir Charles Kingsford–Smith, Captain C.T.P. Ulm, Jean Batten and Nancy Bird Walton. The Airfield was an important part of Australia's aerial passenger and air mail services. Please click on the following link to see a Map of Old Bar.

This area contains the following sites, each green site name is a link to a Map.

Old Bar Park

Old Bar Park was dedicated as a public reserve in 1884 and is at the center of this botanical survey. Unfortunately this park has been seriously degraded by years of dumping which has led to the existence of many 'weed' species of plants and trees.

I have divided this park into the following botanical divisions.

The Old Bar and Old Bar Beach

This includes the southern delta of the Manning River (Farquhar Inlet) and the severely degraded beaches. --- Species List

Old Bar Littoral Rainforest

These are relatively small patches at the rear of the beach. --- Species List

Kiwarrak State Forest

This particular State Forest has disjunct sites within Taree, Hallidays Point and Old Bar. Only those parts of the park located off Old Bar Road and bounded by Metz and Bishops Roads and Irwins Trail as well as the portion along Saltwater Road which contains Old Bar's Sewerage Treatment Works are contained in the list on the database for this Forest. --- Species List

Saltwater National Park

Please follow the following Saltwater National Park link which has details for this National Park. --- Species List