See Finding Australian Birds pages 27 to 29

Edith River Crossing and Edith Falls

Gouldian Finch, Long-tailed Finch, Masked Finch, Australian Bustard, Northern Rosella, Hooded Parrot, Black Bittern, Pacific Baza, Great Bowerbird

Bird along the road---this will be an all day event.

Katherine Grorge

On the way stop at Donkey camp Weir, 500m past Kumbidgee Tea Rooms - Great-billed Heron and Black Bittern.

Sandstone Shrikethrush, Chestnut-quilled Rock Pigeon, Great-billed Heron, Crested Shrike-tit, Grey Butcherbirs, Masked Finch, Black Bittern, Varied Lorikeet, Northern Rosella, Gouldian Finch and Hooded Parrot

Katherine Sewerage Works

Pied Heron, Australian Pratincole, Yellow Chat, Yellow Chat etc

Chinaman Creek

Chestnut-backed Button-quail

Shrike Tit Map