Hallidays Point Area

Blackhead beach and black head

The Hallidays Point area lies between the Taree and Forster/Great Lakes Regions. The area has an active Landcare Group and the Black Head Beach is a multi-award winner under the "Keep Australia Beautiful" program. Please follow the Hallidays Point Landcare link to view their web page. The Littoral Rainforest at Black and Red Heads have well established tracks and are easy to access.

Please click on the following link to see a Map of Diamond Beach and Hallidays Point. Please click again over the map which will enlarge it for easy reference.

This area contains the following sites. All are links to Maps, Species Lists and Images of both the common and unusual species occuring at each.

Areas of interest include

  1. The Kappinghat Nature Reserve. It should be noted that this Nature Reserve not only occurs at this site but also has disjunct portions in Old Bar and Taree. Please follow the Kappinghat link above for details of this park.
  2. The Ramada Resort Diamond Beach which adjoins The Kappinghat Nature Reserve, contains a Eucalyptus pilularis/ Melaleuca styphelioides Wet Sclerophyll Forest with many riparian species occurring in and around Moore Creek and a Graminoid Clay Wet Heath. The latter is not a common community and is usually associated with dry heath on exposed headlands however this one is wet heath. For more details about the resort please follow the Ramada Resort link above.
  3. Diamond Beach which in general is a very narrow, weed infested hind dune and Littoral Rainforest. The latter community is highly degraded. Also included are two unnamed reserves containing mainly Sclerophyll Scrub and Swamp. I have marked these sites on the map as "Reserves".
  4. A Littoral Rainforest located south of the village of Diamond Beach which I have named Diamond Beach LRF on the site map. In stark contrast to the other remnant LRF pockets, this one is exceptional, containing the majority of the Rainforest taxon for Diamond Beach. It also has a healthy population of Physignathus lesueurii, the Eastern Water Dragon
  5. Raintrees. A private arboretum in Diamond Beach which contains many Australian Rainforest Plants as well as a good selection of exotic species.
  6. A separate site named Tallwoods has been included in the database to list those plants of interest which occur on private land outside the main study areas.
  7. Red Head which is mainly a Littoral Rainforest
  8. The Black Head Flora Reserve which also includes the Wylie Breckenridge Park. The main vegetation communities include Littoral Rainforest, a mixed Swamp/Sclerophyll Forest, Wet Sclerophyll Forest and a Rushland surrounding the lagoon. A small patch of Dry Sclerophyll Forest also occurs at this site near the western boundary.
  9. The Black Head Reserve is mainly Littoral Rainforest. Although there has been at least one flora study of the Tree Species, all data from it has been omitted and the species lists have been wholly compiled from field work.

Litsea australis and Cynanchum elegans

Species of interest include

  • Diploglottis cunninghamii
  • Mischocarpus australis
  • Litsea ausralis
  • Denhamia celastroides
  • Cynanchum elegans