Group 6

Leaves Simple or 1—Foliolate, in Whorls or Pseudo–Whorles

Resin or Milky Latex Present In Petioles Or Twigs

Resin Present, Translucent Dots In Leaves

Milky Latex Present, No Translucent Dots In Leaves

Resin and Milky Latex Absent

Margins Toothed

Margins Entire

Fine Oil Dots Present

Petioles Less Than 5 mm Long, Often Reddish

Petioles More Than 5 mm Long, Not Red.

Three veined In Basil Half

Margins Entire, No Oil Dots

Petioles More Than 2 cm Long

Petioles Less Than 2 cm Long

Lower Surface Of Mature Leaves Distinctly Hairy

Lower Surface Of Mature Leaves Hairless or Almost So

Margins Toothed