Great Lakes Region

The region is defined by water and draws its name from the three lakes systems of Myall, Smiths and Wallis. It extends from Darawank in the north, south through Pacific Palms to Hawks Nest and inland to Stroud.

Considered by many to be the best place in New South Wales to live, it has perfect beaches, dazzling lakes, national parks, wide expanses of forest broken up with historic rural hinterland and a diverse range of wildlife.

The plant survey for the Great Lakes Region has been divided into the following areas; Each of the above links have a list of all the areas covered by my database together with details of all sites contained therein. There is a link to a map or a goggle earth image for each site.

All sites surveyed outside The Great Lakes Region have been included in their respective Region and can be viewed via the above links to the Manning, Gloucester and Hastings Regions.

Every area has a facility to search the database for species lists for each site within the designated areas.

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