Flora of The Mid North Coast of NSW

For ease of reference the Flora surveys have been divided into the following regions.

  • The Great Lakes Region
  • The Manning Region
  • The Hastings Region
  • The Gloucester Region

Please follow the links above for full details of each Region.


Should you wish to view images on any species contained in any of the lists please copy the Scientific Name from the list and go to my image site with Flickr

Other Sites.

The list below contains a link to images of the plant species observed at the following locations.

Rainforest Plant Species

This page contains a key out guide to assist with the identification of the Rainforest Taxon based on the features of the leaves. There are also fact sheets with a full botanical description and images of the species together links to all of my images on Flickr. The guide can be searched by either the Botanical or Common Name.

There are also quick links to my Flickr site, Plantnet and The Wildlife Atlas (Bionet) at the bottom of this page.

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