Fauna of The Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia.

This part of the website contains interactive databases for the Birds, Reptiles, Mammals and Amphibians occurring within The Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Please follow the links above for full details of each life form. Please note that the list for the "Fish" is not a database but a static page listing all the species over the whole of The Mid North Coast Region. In all cases the database search page has a link to an image gallery for all species within the region.

With the exception of the Birds (see bird page for details), the region has been divided into the following areas for the Reptiles, Mammals and Amphibians. Each of these areas has a link to my "Flora" site pages which contain details of the sites as well as maps;


These Databases have been compiled by Barry M Ralley of Forster and come from my own observations, lists published by the Manning–Great Lakes Birdwatchers Inc, BioNet, the website for the Atlas of NSW Wildlife published on line by the Department of Environment and Climate Change and other reliable personal sources.

Images of all species can be viewed via the Image Gallery link for each life form.

The Database has been designed to return detailed species lists for all sites within the designated area. Simply follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the respective Database Tile at the top of this page
  2. Click on the Database Tile at the top of the selected Life form
  3. Click on the down arrow in the "select your area box"
  4. Select your area and click on the submit button
  5. If you want a combined list of all sites within the selected area click on the Submit site box
  6. Otherwise click on the down arrow, select site and click the submit site box
  7. At the bottom of the list is a search facility to find all locations of a particular species. Please follow the directions.


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